At Churcham, we deliver the curriculum through a rolling programme.  Here you will find and overview for each class.  For Key Stage 1, this is a 2 year programme and for Key Stage 2 it is 4 years.  

Follow links for our topic overviews:

pdfKey Stage 1 Two Year Topic Rolling Programme

pdfKey Stage 1 RE Overview

pdfEnglish KS2 Programme

pdfKS2 Rolling Programme 2020 - 2022

In the class section of the website, you will find a 'Topic Web' showing more detail. 


In this technological world it is important that children of all ages learn the skills of communication. We provide many activities to develop speaking and listening skills. Shared reading is encouraged and we have a wide variety of books in our newly stocked school library.

The skills of writing are taught through our daily literacy lessons and the children are given lots of opportunities to apply these skills in other areas of the curriculum.

Handwriting and presentation are a focus throughout the key stages and children are taught spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Here at Churcham, we teach phonics using Letters and Sounds. For guided reading at Key Stage 1 we use Rigby Star as our core teaching resource. At Key Stage 2 we use Rigby Navigator. For home reading, we use a range of schemes including Phonic Bug and Oxford Reading Tree. We ensure that the children enjoy a range of texts that are appropriate to their age and stage. We also encourage work on comprehension thorough our home/school reading journal for the children in Key Stage 2.


Our aim is to develop confident mathematicians and link the teaching to real life situations eg, measuring, scoring and timing.

pdfYear 2 Maths Learning Wall

pdfYear 3 Maths Learning Wall

pdfYear 4 Maths Learning Wall

pdfYear 5 Maths Learning Wall

pdfYear 6 Maths Learning Wall


Children are taught the skills of recording, fair testing and predicting results. Scientific knowledge is taught through practical hands on experience.


We offer guitar lessons as extra curricular lessons and also own a piano. Class music teaches children listening and performing skills, and singing is part of our assemblies.


Children learn to express themselves using a varity of art media. They are taught about artists and allowed to develop an individual creative style. They are encouraged to discuss their work and look at ways of improving it.


We use 'Roots and Fruits' as a basis for out worship. The 'Open the Book' team lead a worshp along with the children on a Wednesday.


We aim to help develop confidence and responsibility whilst developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people.

pdfKS2 PSHCE 2yr Rolling Programme June 2017


PE lessons are carried out by Gary Sutton from Active Funding Ltd who visit the school twice a week, Gary's aim is to provide a high quality PE curriculum. 

Details of how our sports premium money is being spent can be found in the PE Sports Premium section of the website. 

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